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By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP   With Halloween just around the corner, we are sharing one of our favorite craft activities…the Creepy Crawling (not so Itsy Bitsy) Spider. This activity has been a hit with our clients year after year. Boys and girls enjoy walking their large, creepy crawling spiders down the hall and attempting to scare […]

Back-To-School Ready!

By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP   Are you and your tween or teen “back-to-school ready?”   Parents, students, and even teachers enjoy getting into the “back-to-school” spirit after summer vacation.  Shopping for supplies and clothes may be fun, but for most, smartphones or tablet devices top the list of “must haves.”   But, that’s not […]

If You Stutter, Keep This In Your Wallet

By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP   Have you ever experienced difficulty speaking while traveling as a person who stutters?  Have you or a loved one who stutters ever had trouble talking when stopped for a traffic violation?   People who stutter often have problems answering questions when confronted. If you are a teenager or adult […]

First Words: A Special Father’s Day Gift

By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP “Da-da!” When spoken by a new father’s one year old, it is music to his ears!  Second only to baby’s first smile or grabbing Daddy’s finger for the first time, hearing baby say “da-da” transforms most men from father to “Dad!” “Da-da” sounds sweet, no matter if hearing it for the […]