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Pediatric Speech Therapy: School Speech? Private Speech? Both?

By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP Does your child need speech therapy, or is he already receiving school or ECI services? Are you wondering if private speech therapy is an option? Did you know you can do both? Speech therapy is available in many locations, including public schools and private clinics. Many children receive both services. When combined, […]

Is Your Child A Picky Eater?

By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP My child is such a picky eater! Nearly every parent can relate because many youngsters go through “picky” phases. A favorite food one week is rejected the next, or foods suddenly cannot “touch” on the plate without meltdowns. This common behavior is more about the child’s stage of development than food. With […]

Words Matter, But What Do They Mean?

By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP Do words matter? The short answer is:  yes. While children still chant “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” the truth is, words do matter, especially digital messages, and often have lasting effects. Messages with unclear meanings coupled with the anonymity of the poster, can become […]

Speech Matters: Communication is for Life!

By Barbara A. Samfield, MA-CCC/SLP Do speech delays matter? If a child seems to understand, won’t he “catch up”? Is it really a big deal that “R’s” or “S’s” are mispronounced at age 10? The answer is YES, speech delays matter at any age. Generally, the longer a person has a speech problem, the more difficulty he […]